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Patented Innovations

  • Developing the difference

    Jif-Pak has pioneered nu­merous technological inno­vations in casings, net­tings and pro­cessing equi­pment. Among Jif-Pak’s most successful advances is the patented Square Pattern Ca­sing-Net™ design.
    Casing-Net provides many advantages compared to tra­ditional collagen film and elastic netting maximizing production throughout, labor savings and quality of pro­duct. Yet, the outside layer of Casing-Net offers the va­lue-add patterned look of netting without the edible film.

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    • Combined with Ultra-Kote(™), Jif-Pak’s latest innovation, Casing-Net’s peelability is unmatched in the in­dustry to ensure the highest qua­lity finished product.

      Compared with conventional col­lagen films, CasingNet and Ul­tra­Kote casings offer greater ef­ficiency and product safety during the stuf­fing process. Fillings are added di­rectly into the seamless casing, thereby preventing voids, surface blisters and deformations. As a fur­ther bonus, these nettings offer in­creased productivity.

      Jif-Pak also has launched inno­vations in elastic netting, stock­inette and casing closure sys­tems.