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The Latest in Casing-Net Technology

For the ultimate in peel-ability and performance, Jif-Pak introduces Casing-Net™ with Ultra-Kote™Ultra-Kote is the latest Casing-Net inno­vation that is available in all casing sizes, ideal for fi­nished products when color con­sistency, softer rind and less materials waste are critical.


  • Supreme peel-ability as Ultra-Kote’s thin layer acts as buffer to protein exudates so the casing won’t adhere to the meat sur­face. Casing-Net™ with Ultra-Kote™ is the premium solution to eliminate voids, tears and surface blisters.
  • Improve total stripping throughput up to 37 percent through labor-savings and peel-ability. Bottom line: maximize your plant’s capacity by increasing your throughput
  • Consistent, value-added ap­pearance is ensured with Ultra-Kote’s protective barrier that produces a high-value sheen comparable to expensive collagen films

  • Finished products with softer rind is the hallmark of Ultra-Kote that no collagen film can produce. Softer rind equals increased consumer acceptance

  • Better yields by preventing protein exudates from penetrating the net. The result is the higher cook yields compared to competitive products

  • Reduce material waste up to 20 percent through Casing-Net with Ultra-Kote’s pre-stretched technology that allows stuffing with less casing required for clipping

  • Maximize existing equipment by expanding the range of products you can produce with Casing-Net with Ultra-Kote. Designed for high-production sizer/clippers for full automation of traditionally labor-intensive processes

  • Hundreds of options when combining Casing-Net’s patterns, flavors and colors to match your exact product specifications