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A brief history of Jif-Pak

  • In 1990, Neil and Marcus Mintz co-founded Jif-Pak Manu­fac­turing, Inc. to produce Casing-Net™ , tubular tight weave polyester nets, for the US and Canadian markets.
  • In 1994, they invented and pa­ten­ted Square Pattern Casing-Net to compete directly with elastic netting and collagen film. 
  • Due to  its many advantages, including improved ma­chine­ablitly, rind, shape, quality and consistency, it quickly become the preferred choice to collagen film and elastic netting.
  • By 2000, Casing-Net™ had replaced the majority of Collagen Film/Elastic Netting used in the USA
  • In 1999,  Jif-Pak purchased the assets of Industrial Knitting, to add elastic netting as a product line.
  • Through heavy investment in Research & Development, Jif-Pak continued to develop new products and processes and was the first company toApply liquid smoke & release agent to nets.
    • Apply colorant and flavor systems (example caramel color, browning agents, spice extracts etc.) to nets.  
    • Pre-shirr nets onto plastic tubes for use on automated sizer/clipper systems.  
    • Develop other Casing-Net patterns including, Diamond, Ripple, Spiral, Rib, etc.  
    • Develop stuffing and peeling equipment specifically for Casing-Net.  
  • Market research had shown trends and the need in processed meat industry for the following applications:
    • Slicing logs  
    • Exact weight products  
    • High pump/high emulsion products  
    • High quality appearance combined with low cost  
    • Variety in flavor, color and appearance  
  • As a response to these trends, R&D efforts were focused on developing new products and Jif-Pak proudly introduced Ultra Kote in 2008 and Spice/Flavor Kote in 2010.
  • December 29, 2010 Jif-Pak was purchased by Kalle GmbH.